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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's National Caramel Day!

Caramel is a tasty treat used for a variety of purposes. It is a delicious topping on ice cream or custard or the perfect filling for candies and chocolate. It is also a delightful flavor of puddings, desserts, and even coffee! The color of caramel can range from beige to dark brown. High quality caramel is usually made with butter, brown and white sugar, heavy cream, and other flavorings.

Soft caramel candy was invented in America, but the exact date and location is unknown. Americans first started producing hard candies around 1650 by boiling water and sugar in kettles over a fire. During the 1800's, butter and milk were added to the recipe and thus, soft caramel candy was created.

Following its invention, candy manufacturers all over America began mass producing the caramel candies. In fact, Milton Hershey's first business was actually the Lancaster Caramel Company!

To celebrate National Caramel Day, enjoy some of your favorite caramel candies or try making some of your own homemade caramel! Here's my favorite...

Have a Sweet Day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

We now offer pre-packaged Candy Favors!!

Prepackaged candy favors are a perfect addition to any event. We can do any type of candy but some popular selections are pixy stix, rock candy swizzle sticks, chocolate-covered pretzels and malted milk balls.

Each favor comes in a clear cello bag with a custom designed label and tied with color coordinating ribbon. Upgraded packaging is also available. 
Please inquire for more information and pricing for custom designed pre-packaged candy favors.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

National Candy Day!!

There are thousands of different type of candy, all with their unique flavors, taste, and history. For example, did you know that Tootsie Rolls were created by Leo Hirshfield of New York in 1896? He named them after his daughter's nickname, "Tootsie."

Candy isn't just for kids either! Americans over the age of 18 consume approximately 65 percent of candy produced each year. Candy is also a favorite treat worldwide. Though the average American eats 25 pounds of candy each year, the average person in Denmark eats 36 pounds each year!

Whether you like chocolate candy, gummy candy, or super sweet and sugary candy, celebrate National Candy Day with your favorite types of candies!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day!

Chocolate-covered cashews, almonds, or macadamias? Take your pick, it's National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day! Nuts have been a part of people's diet for thousands of years. Archeologists recently found several variety of nuts buried deep in a bog that dated back 780,000 years ago!
Since their discovery, humans from all different regions around the world have been enjoying the delicious and nutrious benefits of nuts. The ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of the walnut, Native Americans enjoyed the pecan, and the ancient Chinese placed the hazelnut among the five sacred nourishments God bestowed upon human beings.

When chocolate was first invented during the 17th century, it only seemed natural to put these two delicious foods together into one amazing snack. Celebrate National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day with your favorite chocolate and nut combination! So have a bag-full-o-chocolate-covered-nuts!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I design and create my own Candy Buffet?

Most people who have tackled a candy buffet alone end up spending the same amount or more money than if they had hired a professional.
Consider this--if you create your own candy buffet table, you will need to purchase specialty glassware (at least 10 pieces), table accessories and props to make your display attractive, ribbons and signage, candy scoops, candy bags, containers/bubble wrap/packaging to transport your candy buffet to the event location and the candy itself (with no vendor discounts).
Additionally, you will invest tons of hours canvassing the stores for your supplies, researching candy prices, designing and practicing the set-up of your display, washing and wrapping your glassware, hauling your supplies into the venue, setting up your display, breaking down the display at the end of the event, rewashing all glassware and figuring out what to do with all of your containers now that the event is over. Whew, that sure was tiring!
Let us take care of the details for you so you can enjoy your event!
Contact: NJ Candy Buffets at (201)892-0328 or send us a note at info@foryoureventplanning.com

Friday, January 8, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I include a candy buffet at my event?
Absolutely! Candy buffets are unique! A candy buffet will make your event fun, festive and memorable. Candy buffets provide your guests with an exciting, interactive element--and they make a fantastic favor for any event--one that will actually be appreciated!
Are Candy Buffets a good guest favor for weddings?
Absolutely! Did you know "The Knot" has ranked candy buffets in their "Top 10 Reception Trends" for the past three years? Candy buffets are a fabulous way for guests to mingle with each other. Candy Buffets also eliminate the need of a boring favor (bags of almonds, candles, photo frames, etc.). Instead, watch your guests go crazy selecting their favorite sweets!
Why should I choose NJ Candy Buffets?
At NJ Candy Buffets, Catherine creatively combines her sugar obsession with her special event skills. Design savvy with an eye for detail, Catherine will capture the magic of your event in a new and exciting format: CANDY!
I want a candy buffet for my event! How do I book?
Great! Please contact NJ Candy Buffets at (201) 892-0328. I will work with you personally to design the candy buffet of your dreams! I will ask you a few questions from NJCB candy questionnaire to determine your event needs. Then I will email/mail you a contract specific to your event and a candy masterlist (if needed). A signed contract and a 40% deposit are needed to secure your date. I will contact you for design details and candy selection. Two weeks before your event, the remaining balance will be due. Leave the rest to me!
What happens the day of the event?
If your event is at a venue, I will have already contacted your coordinator to discuss our needs. The day of the event, I will set up your custom candy buffet an hour prior to the start of your event. Then you can watch in amazement as your guests get a glance at your candy buffet! At the end of the event, I will break down, clean up and pack while you relax. If you would like a candy buffet server to assist your guests, we will be happy to provide one for you at the rate of $15/hr. (3 hr minimum)
For pricing and more information: Click HERE

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